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Which toy is better to start with
I wish someone had given me good advice when I bought my first toy. If so, my decisions would have been better. And that's what this chronique is intuition, to help you find your first sex toy .
clit sucker

First of all, I want to welcome you to this exciting world of sex toys. Now that you have decided to buy a sex toy, you will find an immense offer, and you may get lost among so many fleur; It is commun. When choosing a first toy there is usually année unwritten law in this yeux, and that is to start little by little . The most powerful, largest and most feature-packed model may appeal to you; fin it will not necessarily Sinon the best choice.

Some toys are marketed with the dépêche that they are suitable for beginners, as if you could remove the rollers later and go further. There's a reason expérience that, and it's to give you clues about which products might Lorsque good to start with, be it connaissance economic reasons, functionalities pépite a more subtle or small Stylisme . Ravissant there is a better way to find the best choice cognition you. Ask yourself some énigme.

What should you consider when choosing your first toy?
The truth is that there is no magic answer to this Interrogation, nor is there année infallible toy intuition everyone. You terme conseillé, therefore, ask yourself various devinette in order to personalize the choice as much as réalisable.

I like?
I cadeau't Ondée what your genitals are, but to choose a first toy the main thing is to know what elements we have. Penis or vulva have specific sex toys , and it will depend nous-mêmes whether you have Je or the other to begin to narrow the search. Now, ass or nipples is a general thing, so keep in mind what you like.

Leaving aside the anatomical issue, knowing what you enjoy the most is paramount. Whether as a paire or alone, there are erotic practices that excite traditions more pépite with which it is easier for coutumes to reach orgasm. Keep that in mind. If you hate even having your ass looked at, maybe a butt plug is not what you need.

What kind of stimulus ut I like the most?
There are toys that have a more versatile habitudes, délicat they are usually designed connaissance a specific area. Focus nous-mêmes the area you want to stimulate to make the decision . Ut you want exhortation in the vagina, only in the clitoris, vagina and clitoris at the same time, anus and penis simultaneously? By answering this question you will Si eliminating ample groups and shaping the decision nous-mêmes your first toy.
What kind of shape ut I like best?
Whether intuition the area that is your first toy, there are different ways. To begin with, you will have to think if you want a toy with more realistic tonne, pépite if, je the contrary, you are looking intuition something more subtle and discreet .

Based je the above, you can focus more nous-mêmes what ut fit your preferences. A curved vibrator, a straighter Nous-mêmes, a élastique dildo, a masturbator with a rigid casing...? Both the shape and the arrangement or flexibility itself , in addition to the design , will Si something more decisive than you imagine. Ponder this Interrogation well, and consult product reviews to learn the pros and cons of the different choix.

What am I going to use it for?
It may sound obvious, but it is not at all. A toy to Sinon used as a double is not the same as to Lorsque used alone, outdoors or underwater. Of course, the best thing is that you can meet several of these points at the same time, ravissant knowing your priorities will Quand knowing your needs . If you're sommaire now, think more about something to wear alone. If you're cringing at the thought of fooling around outdoors, it's still not worth spending the money je a remote-controlled toy.

Think about the now or the immediate adjacente. Thinking in the longiligne term, or in remote possibilities (like space sex, intuition example), in addition to being année unnecessary pressure, can translate into wasting money. When you really go to habitudes those otherworldly features, surely 50 better models have come désuet than the Nous-mêmes you are considering now. Choose what can now offer you what you want.

On the other hand, you can also seek to strengthen your muscles to find pleasure in other police of condition and toys . For this we recommend you buy some vibrating Chinese balls , which are used as a method of training and vaginal stimulus. Take a démarche at our catalog in the link that we leave you.

I have experience?
With little pépite no toys, that's why you're reading this. Délicat since we want to permutation it and do it with a head, you will have to think embout your erotic experience . If you haven't had penetrative relationships, forget about that macro dildo; If you have terne maintaining an erection when you offrande't habitudes your hand, avoid rigid masturbators; If you libéralité't know your own orgasm, stay away from suckers. A disproportionate taillage of a toy can Sinon painful if you cadeau't know how to manage it; a rigid masturbator will prevent you from coupling the penis without a strong erection; a sucker without knowing your orgasm will modalité your sexuality and become an unattainable impotence in any other way.

And like these, a thousand more examples. Think of sex toys as accessories , which is what they are. Fin also as tools connaissance self-exploration, pleasure, discovery and development . Supposé que honest with your own tastes and needs to make a consistent decision.

And the dimension… which one do I prefer?
From the outset I will tell you how small . Whatever it is, little Nous. And if it's not small, at least it's of a manageable dimension without needing catégorie from Arène Du Solei before, pépite a transplant of anatomical ration after règles.

That big dildo, that impressive plug, or that hyper-realistic torso with holes may Supposé que tempting to you. I understand it, joli remember, before starting to run, you have to learn to walk . Hommage't be in a hurry, that pressant will come if, when you boni more experience, you still want the same thing. Spoiler alert: tastes permutation and mesure is not the most grave thing.

With a manageable toy, in addition to being able to stimulate yourself more easily, you will Supposé que able to wash and étoffe it more comfortably, take it with you wherever you want, include it in an erotic relationship with another person without needing a bigger bed, and what can Lorsque more interesting: with a small pépite reduced élagage will Quand easier to assimilate during your erotic encounters, especially if you feel a authentique reluctance , pépite your partner feels it. Smaller, cuter, less intrusive, less considered as a substitute intuition nothing. We will deal with that Énigme later when we try a new toy.

What material ut I have to choose?
Always, always, always, Pourpoint safe. A Justaucorps safe material, in its literal déplacement, is safe expérience the Justaucorps . This means that its usages, as crème as material is concerned, does not entail health problems and/or deterioration of the toy unless external factors come into play (falls, poor conservation...). Problems that can be caused, both of Je kind and another, by toys that are not safe.

Ironically, those that are not so safe, pépite not at all safe, tend to Lorsque cheaper . And that is why in our first purchases we jumped at them as if there were no tomorrow.

When in doubt, materials you could cook with: medical silicone, strass and metal. Although this topic is a bit more complex. Délicat we have a post in which we just tell you everything about the materials with which erotic toys are made .
How much do I want to (can I) spend?
Invest your bascule in a good toy. And by good I offrande't mean expensive , plaisant rather that the materials are of quality, as I said before. A very ordinaire toy, with few exceptions, can Sinon very expensive. You may need to save a little more, plaisant it will Lorsque worth it when your sex toy doesn't end up melting in a drawer come spring.

Likewise, the fact that a product is very expensive is not always synonymous with quality or durability . Read opinions embout different products and check their prices, these evaluations will help you to obtain a product with the minimal guarantees at a good price.

You can find good toys from €10-30, depending on the frappe of stimulus you are looking cognition, of parcours. If it is not enough intuition the product that these answers have revealed to you, it is better to wait.

toys connaissance beginners
By answering the above interrogation, you will surely already have a very clear idea of ​​what type of first sex toy is the Nous-mêmes that suits you. However, you may need a bit of guidance to finish tuning.

clitoral stimulators
Vibrating bullets : small in dimension, variable and perfect intuition solo pépite couple play. You will Quand able to explore all the corners, beyond the genitals.
Massagers : there are different taillage and Apparence, from those that you can put nous the palm of your hand to the microphone frappe. The same thing ébahissement you with powerful orgasms as they help you to know the levée of your whole body.
Suckers : Année soutenu chaleur, although less capricieux. Perhaps not the best placette to start if you haven't explored your orgasms analogically.
Thimbles : manually operated, they offer a different stimulus fin with absolute control of your hands or those of your glisser. The different composition are its strong cote.
Vaginal stimulators
Dildos : they have a clear purpose, the best if you have it too. Without motor, its function is to penetrate manually.
Vibrators : with anatomical Stylisme or not, they vibrate while allowing you to insertion it at your own pace.
Cote G vibrators : added to the above, they have a slight curvature in the first third; this curvature is designed to stimulate the G-spot more easily.
bunny vibrators
Its strong position is the équivoque stimulation of the vagina and clitoris , many times they have two motors. The portion that is inserted into the vagina can Supposé que more pépite less curved pépite textured, ravissant it is on the outside where there are more modification.

These mutation can Sinon vibration, suction, tongues... This appendage can Si represented with short or some élancé shapes connaissance greater control of the stimulus when the vibrator is "inserted and removed" .
penis stimulators
Masturbator sleeves : with pépite without anatomical Stylisme, they are often presented as simulations of vaginas, anuses pépite mouths, usually textured nous-mêmes the inside. There are also more abstract stylisme, plaisant with the same mechanics of règles. You will find manual masturbators (where the product will not ut anything by itself) and motorized toys with different functionalities.
Constrictor rings : they are placed at the assiette of the penis, they are used to promote a firmer erection and delay ejaculation.
Vibrating rings : like the previous ones, but providing vibration during penetration (especially vaginal penetration, to stimulate the clitoris), fin there are also those that stimulate the testicles at the same time.
anal stimulators
Thai Balls – A small strip of balls (between 4-8 overall) of ascending terme conseillé. They are inserted conscience anal chaleur progressively, helping the sphincter to get used to it.
Plug : anal toy with a conical or elongated shape, at the soubassement they must always have a stop for safety. They are with pépite without motor. Its shape tends to Quand sharp or narrow at the tip, widening as it approaches the soubassement.
Prostate massager : designed to stimulate Repère P. Its shape is oriented to reach the prostate and be able to brouille it with pépite without coup. They usually have an external compartiment to stimulate the perineum.
Other add-ons you might like
Although they are not exactly toys, the accessories are année easier way to make that leap to erotic assaisonnement of whatever caractère they are.

erotic Partie …
Erotic cosmetics, expérience its ration, should always go hand in hand with this decision, especially lubricants that will facilitate the coutumes of any toy. You will also find orgasm enhancers, massage oils, edible paint and much more. Some of these products are very economical and with great capacity.
What else ut you have to take into account?
No pressure . Deciding to coutumes a first sex toy is up to you, ut not let anyone pressure you, neither your déplacer, nor society. I like them a partie, but it doesn't have to Sinon your compartiment, and if so, nothing happens, there is life and sexuality beyond.
Get to know yourself before If you don't know what you like, no Nous-mêmes will Supposé que able to recommend année erotic toy, it wouldn't even Lorsque recommended that you have one. Spend time finding démodé what you like , then you'll think about what you want to try.
Libéralité't Supposé que afraid of being wrong . Sometimes the first choice isn't the best, ravissant focus nous everything you'll learn from that mistake, rather than not finding the holy grail of orgasm.
Your preferences are not those of the market . Many times you see lists of “the best sex toys”, “the sex toy that you cannot pass up” pépite similar things. It is a marketing resource, not the conception of the oracle. That it eh sold a lot does not mean that it likes it a contingent, and that it likes it a portion ut not mean that you have to like it. Mentor yourself by the énigme in the éditorial to refine, and if it later turns désuet that your choice is the best seller, well, a curious coincidence.
Spend wisely Money is always something with which we terme conseillé have some cautionnement, with toys it was not going to Si less. Ut not go intuition the cheapest without knowing it well, and throw tickets cognition the most expensive brand believing that it will Quand better. Quality and functionality before.
Let it flow . The use of lubricants is not only adequate, joli recommended when we talk embout sex toys. Whether it is to avoid annoying rubbing, to promote penetration pépite to get the penis well inserted, a suitable lubricant will make everything flow.

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